By Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen
Prophetic School Principals
Apostolic Movement International

We finally landed in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa on September 14th, and to be frank - we started running as soon as that plane hit the ground. The Lord took no time in getting us started on this ministry tour, and it has been an experience like no other.

Coming back to South Africa, after a short while of being away in the United States, has been quite exciting. To see what God has done in the few short months is a true eye-opener.

The Lord really made a way for us to get practical and real with everybody here. During the very first weekend, we got down to business. 

Deborah and I had the opportunity to visit a prayer rally last weekend, and our first impression was that the ground needed to be broken - it was hard and solid ground, and the spiritual warfare was a whole new level.

There was a lot of work that needed to get done to break the walls on that very same ground. The rally mainly revolved around the revival of South Africa.

The team from AMI was invited on stage to do some prophetic praise and worship, which led to Apostle Colette sharing a short message on how to pray effectively - bringing that which is in heaven down to earth!

During every part of the meeting, God did something new and different, touching the lives of the people at the meeting, as well as those just passing by the street!

We ministered and decreed all that the Lord told us to, and that Saturday, we got to do the work that God sent us here to do - to break that hard ground and bring down the rain to the land that was barren and dry.

To speak to the people here in South Africa that came to start a revival and needed to hear the message God intended for them to hear. To reach the unbelievers, the people who do not know the Lord's voice and who HE is. The next step was for us to take what the Lord said and to show them His heart.

God spoke to hundreds of people, and He spoke forth the victory that is in Him - the victory over your circumstances and your own mountains that you are facing. That no matter where you are in your journey, the Lord will help you to take you through it and that He is there, walking side by side with you through it all. 

So we want to encourage you today to take the time to go to the Lord and seek him everyday. Journal and seek the Lord in every situation that has come up recently in your life.

Know that the Lord has the plans for your life in His hands. You are not alone in this walk with Him. See the Lord in everything you do. Be inspired to do what the Lord wants you to do.

To end off, Deborah and I want to invite you to follow us on Facebook so you can keep up to date with all the new work that God is doing during our trip.

So, follow us on one (or more) of the following Facebook pages, and see all that God is doing in South Africa: 

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We will be sure to keep you updated and all set and ready for the exciting plans the Lord has for AMI. 

PS: Remember you have been called to do the “good work”, and you cannot do it alone. Be sure to get your next course(s) and allow your trainer to help you through this refining process.

PPS: Also, if you have already purchased The Apostolic Mandate book, be sure to check out the course for it on AMI-Campus where it is currently 50% off (with your coupon code) Here:

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