Its The Devil's Fault No More!
By Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Its the Devil's Fault No More!

"It impossible to ask forgiveness for someone else’s sin - you can only ask forgiveness for your own sin."

No one wants to accept the blame or get in trouble. This is a fact of life, so when you get in trouble for something you didn't do, nine times out of ten you will call out the party responsible.

Sad thing is, we to do this in our spiritual lives too. God gives you a promise for a new job or more finances and when everything goes wrong;  “It is that darn devil’s fault! He always gets in the way and even sends his people to block the hand of the Lord from giving me that blessing.”

You shift the blame of why everything is going wrong in your life, from your bitterness, pride, stolen blessing and hurts of the past on the devil or those who hurt you, but let me ask you this question; “When will you take responsibility for your sin?”

Yes, the devil caused you to step out of covering, to fall into sin, that person was mean and hurt you, but it was your choice to move your feet and walk to the point you are right now in your life. It is not easy, nice or fair to say, “the reason my finances are a mess, is because of me”

However, it impossible to ask forgiveness for someone else’s sin - you can only ask forgiveness for your own sin.

When you take responsibility for the problems in your life and say it is yours by taking ownership of them, then you can decide what to do with them - you can decide to put them under the blood and give them to Jesus or to keep letting the enemy hit you on that open wound again and again.

So, how do you do that? Your first step is to take a good look at the pressures and problems that are coming up in your life - where has the Lord highlighted your bitterness, pride, disobedience, where you have been told/asked to do something that wasn’t fair, etc? - and you shifted the blame elsewhere.

Now, it is time to take on those responsibilities and pressures, then give them to the Lord with a simple prayer;

“Lord, I see all of these pressure that have been coming upon me - both good and bad - and I see where I have shifted the blame elsewhere. Today though, I choose to take on the responsibility and blame for these things.

I am a bitter person because I chose bitterness over love. I am full of pride because I chose my will and ideas of you. The church is a mess because I have not done the Job you have called me to do, and my finances are a mess because I have not stood on the land you have given me the way you have wanted me to, Father.

Today, I am taking full responsibility for these problems in my life, and I am choosing to put them under the blood of Christ. So satan , you no longer have a say over how these things affect my life, and you can take your hands off of my blessing now.

Lord, you have control over these things and you decide how they are to be dealt with - the good bad and ugly. In Jesus name,

- Amen"

It is truly so simple, it is time to rise up into this new season of maturity God is calling you into, Prophet of God, and become the vessel He is calling you to become.

You have been called to introduce Christ to His bride, and it starts with you taking responsibility for the state she is in, then doing something about it.

With Much Joy and Blessing,
Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen
Prophetic School Principal
Apostolic Movement International

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