Weekly Student Encouragement - Warning: Bombshell Incoming!
By Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysenh
Prophetic School Principals
Apostolic Movement International

Michael and I have a VERY special announcement to make, but before we do, we would like to take a moment answer a burning questions many of you have been asking us for a while now....

"When is our next workshop or Graduation!?"

Well, we would like to announce that we will be having a Workshop AND Graduation in October of this year, in San Diego, California. If you missed the official announcement for it, you may read about it here: http://www.bible-schools.org/public.php?Product=2235&Title=Newsflash!

This occasion is near to our hearts because this will be one of the first official workshops and graduations we will be in attendance as a married couple and we want to meet you there - whether you are graduating or just coming to receive does not matter to us, you are someone God has put in our care and we would like to "put a face to the name" of the person we have worked and prayed with since you came into our lives.

Now, there is a very special reason we are giving you five month's notice for this event - to get you ready for graduation!

Your trainer will be working very closely with you, but if you have already started the Prophetic Operations course, it is very likely you are eligible for graduation and walking across the stage. So, get in touch with your trainer and ask them about it.

On that bombshell, we have one more for you because we saved the best for last.... Starting on the 25th of May all the way to the 1st of June you will be able to purchase any of the Prophetic school courses 40% off! All you have to do is purchase any of the Student Kits on the AMI-Bookshop and you will be able to buy the corresponding course at 40% off it's standard pricing.

This gives you a couple of weeks to save up any finances that you need to take advantage of this offer. Let's get you on the road to maturity and rise you up into the warrior God has called you to become!

Be sure to give Michael and I a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions, okay?

For now, we are excited to get to know you even more and help you take hold of everything God has for you.

P.S. How to Get Your Discount:

Upon purchasing your Student Kit(s), you will receive a coupon code that you can use when purchasing your course.

Simply copy your code, log into the student lounge, select the course you want to purchase - paste or enter your code to get the 40% discount, and then complete the checkout procedure!

Click here to purchase your Student Kit(s) and Redeem your 40% off coupon code: http://ami-bookshop.com/index.php?MainCategory=%20Student%20Kits&SubCategory=Prophetic%20Materials

If you have any problems or want to get the jump on this sale you can give us a call at: 760 466-7679 to purchase your course and kit over the phone!


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