Weekly Student Encouragement - Relationships: The Good The Bad and Ugly!
By Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen
Prophetic School Principals
Apostolic Movement International

Iron sharpens iron, and from the day you called in for your interview or began your first lesson is this school you received a heads up that God would be using those around you to shape you into the Prophet He has called you to become.

God has used your spouse, co-workers, brothers, sisters (both natural and spiritual), and even brought new people into your life for the sole purpose of sharpening your iron into a weapon that will cut down the works of the enemy.

Now, training takes time, the same goes for building relationships, every day we meet someone new, speak to someone new or even take care of someone. In each of these situations, there is some sort of a relationship being built.

Speaking to them, talking to them and getting to know someone is part of building a relationship. There are even times where building your relationship with Christ begins by starting something new.

So, take time this week to find someone God has been putting in your path (especially if they seem like a thorn in the side) and you haven't really built a relationship with yet. Actually start talking to them, start getting to know them, like Jesus knows you, being real and being open to discussions.

In order to start a conversation one person needs to open their mouths and actually speak - why can't you be that person?

It is time to invest into those God has brought your way. Often when is comes to sharpening a blade you will need to remove the pieces of iron that are bent out of shape and smooth it out - this is not a comfortable process.

It requires that other blade to hit that point again and again, until the metal gives and either falls away or finally smoothens out. God brought these people to you so that they can help you smooth out those sharp, rough edges you have been asking to be removed.

So, Lets begin this process, and start opening your mouth, start talking, investing and opening your heart, lets lay aside the masks, filters and veils we use to guard our heart, and let those God has given to us into our hearts that we may be shaped into a vessel on honor!


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