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Class of 2018 Graduation

San Diego, California - October 19 - 21, 2018

Apostolic Movement International


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Graduate in Sunny California

Class of 2018, Meet us at the Ministry Center in San Diego!

Have you qualified to graduate? After all the sweat, the tears, the dying, the changing, the falling and getting back up again, it is time to get the reward for your travail! Come and join us for the upcoming 2018 graduation in sunny California!

Just know that this is not just a graduation, it is an AMI graduation. We might be from all over the world, but we are a FAMILY. And as a family, we want to CELEBRATE your success and the amazing work that the Lord has done in your life! We want you to feel special and to have a great time. So feel free to invite your friends and family so they can join the party!

The Hot Seat

After the Graduation Ceremony, the "hot seat" will await you. Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and their team will lift you up to the Lord and speak, decree, and impart as the Lord leads. Be in for a surprise because God is always up to something unexpected during this time!

Your graduation is also a wonderful opportunity to connect and fellowship with your fellow graduates, current students, our Alumni, our partners and your AMI Ministers. It is not too often that all of them are gathered in one place, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

The MEAT of the Graduation

The two days prior to the Graduation Ceremony (October 19 - 20), we will hold a conference with the subject "Prophets and Pastors". What better subject could there be for graduates of the Prophetic School and the Pastor Teacher School!

Prophets and pastors are known to bump heads. However, when the two understand the place that the Lord has given them in the fivefold ministry, they can become a powerful team that leaves nothing uncovered.

Discover that, not only are they a good team, but they are vital to the success of the church.

Get ready for the next chapter of your life as Apostles Craig and Colette Toach paint a clear picture of what it means to be a prophet or a pastor in office and what role you are meant to fulfill.

Entrance to the workshop is free (a $75 value) when you purchase a graduation package.



2018 Graduation Package Includes:

1. Attendance to the 2018 Prophets and Pastors Workshop (Oct 19 - 20, same venue as Graduation)

2. Cap and Gown

3. Year Tassel

4. Diploma inside of Engraved Diploma Cover

5. Apostolic Movement International - Ministerial Credential (ID Card)




Prophets & Pastors Workshop Speakers -



Venue & Dates


Descanso, California

Ministry Center Address given upon Registration

Phone: 760 466 7679


October 19 - 21, 2018

Meeting Times:

Friday, October 19:

Evening Meeting Only: 6 pm

Saturday, October 20:

Morning Meeting: 10 am

Evening Meeting: 6 pm

Sunday, October 21:

Graduation Ceremony: 10 am

Meeting Topics:

Coming Soon...


Airport & Hotels

Nearest Airport:

SAN San Diego International Airport (40 minutes from venue)


Some Suggestions on Hotel and Lodging:

Ayres Lodge (Closest Hotel - 10 minutes from venue)

For more details, click here:

Phone Number: (619) 445-5800

Nearest Cities: El Cajon and Santee (These are the nearest cities to our Ministry Center - you are welcome to find hotels there to fit every kind of budget)







Graduation Package Registration (Includes admission to Workshop): $350

Workshop Registration (family, friends and non-graduates): $75

Deadline to purchase Graduation Package: September 14, 2018

ALL Graduates Register HERE

Graduation Package
Full Name (Printed on Diploma)
Your Height (For Gown)

NON-Graduates Register HERE

Workshop Registration
Name of Attendee

***Once your payment goes through, you will receive a confirmation letter and a welcome letter with further details



Have questions? Contact us!


U.S. Phone Number: 760 466 7679 (9am - 5pm, PST, Monday - Friday)

Click Here to Email Us





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Class of 2018 Graduation

Have you qualified to graduate? After all the sweat, the tears, the dying, the changing, the falling and getting back up again, it is time to get the reward for your travail! Come and join us for the upcoming 2018 graduation in sunny California!

Just know that this is not just a.....

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