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School Lectures For Prophetic Course 3 - The Ministry of Intercession

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1. The Power of Persistent Prayer
Persistance is necessary. Discover what goes on in the heavens, once you have spoken His Word. A "must know" for anybody wanting to be a lethal intercessor.

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2. Blasting Spiritual Blockages
An intercessor is not effective unless he is in the Throne Room. From there, he can release heaven onto earth. Learn what keeps you from entering in and how to blast those spiritual blockages.

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3. The Angels at Work
The angels await your instruction. Are you using them? Get the most out of your allies.

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4. The Ministry of Intercession - Your Battlefield
Intercession - a place of war. A soldier goes in with the right frame of mind and fully armed. There is no place to be phlegmatic. How do you compare?

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5. Stake Your Claim on the Battlefield - Your Purpose
As an intercessor, you are the Lord's General. His will is your purpose. Discover how His plans are wrought through you.

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6. Delivering the Mail - The Role of the Intercessor
Decree - you are His messenger and His voice in the earth. The power lies in your tongue.

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7. The Call to Accountability
An intercessor does not simply complain about the condition of the church and the circumstances of life. He takes His weapons and DOES something about it. He answers to God.

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8. The Intercessor at War
The intercessor - fearless, knows who he is and does not relent. What does the intercessor look like and feel like. Do you have what it takes?

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9. Focused Intercession - The Prayer Wall
Even off the battlefield, a soldier does not let his gaurd down. There is more to an intercessor than intercession. What happens before, during and after the battlefield. Discover what you have been missing.

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10. Breaking Ground/Spiritual Birthing
Petition, praise, warfare, decree and more. The different types of prayer.

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