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1. Different Ways of Hearing God's VoiceColette ToachProphetic Operations1
1. Dream Categories and the ProphetColette ToachDreams and Visions1
1. Hello Guitar - Your First DatePhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
1. Prophetic Ministry versus Prophetic OfficeColette ToachProphetic Office1
1. Prophetic Warfare 101Colette ToachProphetic Warfare1
1. Prophets are DIFFERENT!Colette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
1. Signs of Prophetic CallingColette ToachProphetic Foundation1
1. The Power of Persistent PrayerNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession81
1. Understanding Prophetic PreparationColette ToachProphetic Training1
10. Basics of IntercessionPower Packed Prayer1
10. Breaking Ground/Spiritual BirthingNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession0
10. Entering the Secret PlaceColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
10. How to Handle Demon Manifestations CorrectlyColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
10. Interpreting Symbols in DreamsColette ToachDreams and Visions1
10. Prophetic DecreeColette ToachProphetic Operations1
10. Prophetic Training Phase 1: Brook CherithColette ToachProphetic Training1
10. Prophetic Utterance. When to Speak.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
10. Using the Prophetic AnointingColette ToachProphetic Office1
11. Interpreting Symbols in VisionsColette ToachDreams and Visions1
11. Keep it simple!Philip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
11. Ministering to Others Using the AnointingColette ToachProphetic Office1
11. Passing through Preparation FAST!Colette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
11. Prophetic Decree. How to speak.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
11. Prophetic MusicColette ToachProphetic Operations1
11. Prophetic Training Phase 2: ZarephathColette ToachProphetic Training1
11. The Do's and Don'ts of Bringing VictoryColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
12. Counseling PropheticallyColette ToachProphetic Office1
12. Death of a VisionColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
12. How to Listen.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
12. Interpreting For others effectivelyColette ToachDreams and Visions1
12. Prophetic Deception (Part of your Training)Colette ToachProphetic Warfare1
12. Prophetic Training Phase 3: CarmelColette ToachProphetic Training1
12. Smashing Musical mindsets.Colette ToachProphetic Operations1
13. Death, Resurrection and Glorification!Colette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
13. Prophetic Mentorship and DiscipleshipColette ToachProphetic Training1
13. Releasing Anointing In Praise and Worship.Colette ToachProphetic Operations1
13. The Gift of Discerning of Spirits.Colette ToachDreams and Visions1
13.Avoiding DeceptionColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
14. Picking Up Your Sword AgainColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
14. The Responsibility of both Mentor and DiscipleColette ToachProphetic Training1
14. The Throne Room of God. Prophetic MaturityColette ToachProphetic Operations1
2. Avoiding the Leg Breaking ExperienceColette ToachProphetic Training1
2. Blasting Spiritual BlockagesNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession54
2. Getting Prophetic Dreams StraightColette ToachDreams and Visions1
2. Identifying God's call throughout your life.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
2. Satan's BattlefieldColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
2. The Power of PraisePhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
2. The Prophetic ChildColette ToachProphetic Office1
2. The Signs: Confirm your Prophetic Call.Colette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
2. The Urim and Thummim, Dreams & VisionsColette ToachProphetic Operations1
3. Application of Dream InterpretationColette ToachDreams and Visions1
3. How Satan Gains License Through YouColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
3. Indeed! I can StrumPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
3. Marriage and Your Prophetic MinistryColette ToachProphetic Office1
3. Ministering to OthersColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
3. Preparation of the SoulColette ToachProphetic Training1
3. The Angels at WorkNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession0
3. The Prophetic PurposeColette ToachProphetic Foundation1
3. Tongues and UtteranceColette ToachProphetic Operations1
4. How Satan Gains License Through Others (Dealing with Curses)Colette ToachProphetic Warfare1
4. Learning to flow in the Spiritual GiftsColette ToachDreams and Visions1
4. Prophecy. Its various forms and applicationsColette ToachProphetic Operations1
4. Templates and TriggersColette ToachProphetic Training1
4. The Ministry of Intercession - Your BattlefieldNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession9
4. The Power of TonguesColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
4. The Prophet in the Local ChurchColette ToachProphetic Office1
4. The Prophet using faith, hope and love.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
4. You are the TemplePhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
5. Inner HealingColette ToachProphetic Training1
5. Journaling and the 'still small voice'Colette ToachProphetic Operations1
5. Let Your River FlowPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
5. Operating in all the Prophetic GiftsColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
5. Our Position in ChristColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
5. Stake Your Claim on the Battlefield - Your PurposeNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession16
5. The Prophet in the Universal ChurchColette ToachProphetic Office1
5. The Prophet's function in the church.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
5. The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in VisionsColette ToachDreams and Visions1
6. Building Spiritual TemplatesColette ToachProphetic Training1
6. Delivering the Mail - The Role of the IntercessorNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession29
6. Flowing in Visions in Personal MinistryColette ToachDreams and Visions1
6. Taking Away Satan's PowerColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
6. The 9 Gifts of the SpiritColette ToachProphetic Foundation1
6. The Gentle Breeze of JesusPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
6. The Prophetic AnointingColette ToachProphetic Operations1
6. The Prophetic KeyColette ToachProphetic Office1
6. Urim and Thummim and JournalingColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
7. Body and Leadership Ministries.Colette ToachProphetic Foundation1
7. Flowing in Visions PubliclyColette ToachDreams and Visions1
7. How to judge any revelation by the Word and SpiritColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
7. How To Minister Inner HealingColette ToachProphetic Training1
7. Internal vs. External AnointingColette ToachProphetic Operations1
7. The Call to AccountabilityNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession10
7. Using the Word as a weapon in spiritual warfareColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
7. When and Why You Receive the Prophetic KeyColette ToachProphetic Office1
7. Worship is a SacrificePhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
8. Identifying DeceptionColette ToachDreams and Visions1
8. Learning when to stand up or shut up!Colette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
8. Prophetic IntercessionColette ToachProphetic Operations1
8. Prophetic RejectionColette ToachProphetic Office1
8. Strategies in Spiritual WarfareColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
8. The Intercessor at WarNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession0
8. The manifestation of the GiftsColette ToachProphetic Foundation1
8. The Process from Death to ResurrectionColette ToachProphetic Training4
8. The Worship RevolutionPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
9. Focused Intercession - The Prayer WallNathan BerryThe Ministry of Intercession0
9. How to address and handle deceptionColette ToachDreams and Visions1
9. The Categories of the ProphetColette ToachProphetic Training1
9. The Face-to-Face relationship with JesusColette ToachPractical Prophetic Ministry1
9. The Unity in WorshipPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
9. Using every aspect of your Spiritual ArmorColette ToachProphetic Warfare1
9. Using Petitionary Prayer in its correct context.Colette ToachProphetic Operations1
9. Using Prophetic RejectionColette ToachProphetic Office1
9.The Purpose for the GiftsColette ToachProphetic Foundation1
Apostolic AuthorityColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Apostolic Death of a VisionColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Apostolic Mentorship and FatherhoodColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Apostolic Preparation Steps 1 and 2Colette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Apostolic Preparation Steps 3 and 4Colette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Apostolic TransformationColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Bonus Lesson: The Electric GuitarPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
First LessonColette ToachApostolic Foundation0
Identifying Your Apostolic CallColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
IntroductionPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
Introduction to Dreams and Visions - Getting you Started!Colette ToachIntroduction1
Introduction to Practical Prophetic Ministry - What is a Prophet?Colette ToachIntroduction1
Introduction to Prophetic Foundation - The Tools at your Disposal!Colette ToachIntroduction1
Introduction to Prophetic Office - Prophetic Maturity!Colette ToachIntroduction1
Introduction to Prophetic Operations - The Prophetic Anointing!Colette ToachIntroduction1
Introduction to Prophetic Training - Removing the Dross!Colette ToachIntroduction1
Introduction to Prophetic Warfare - Sharpening Your Sword!Colette ToachIntroduction1
Lesson 10: 5 Steps into the Presence of GodPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
Lesson 12: The 12-String GuitarPhilip SagerWorship Using the Guitar75
Maturing in your CallColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
News Bulletin BoardColette ToachNews Bulletin Board0
Newsflash!Michael & Deborah-Anne VelthuysenSocial0
Preparation vs. TrainingColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
Run... Run... STOP!Michael & Deborah-Anne VelthuysenSocial0
The Reality of Apostolic OfficeColette ToachApostolic Ministry0
What an Apostle isColette ToachApostolic Ministry0

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